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Update: Not cloned (see comments), but super Delicious!

One of the podcasts I listen to is The Jamil Show – Can You Brew It, over on The Brewing Network.  A couple of episodes ago they cloned Deschutes Black Butte Porter.  I’ve only had this beer once, but really enjoyed the one bottle I had.  Needless to say, I was pretty excited to hear they were going to be brewing it.

I’m planning on trying to brew Tasty’s Black Butte clone, but instead of all-grain, am going to do an extract version.

I think I’ve pretty much got the recipe formulated. The hardest part was getting the wheat malt percentage. In the original recipe from Tasty, 10% of the grist was wheat. When it comes from extract only around half is wheat. Muntons wheat DME is 55% wheat, so at 16.2% of the grist, about 9% would be wheat. I think that’s pretty darn close. The only concern I have would be fermentability with the extract, so I dropped the Carapils down to 4 oz instead of keeping it the same as the chocolate malts.

I’m actually happy with how simple I got all the ingredient quantities.  Here’s the recipe according to ProMash. Tell me what you think.

5.5 Gal. Batch
SG 1.058
IBU’s 34.9 Rager, SRM 24.1
90 minute boil.

Grain Bill
6 lbs Briess Golden LME 64.8%
1.5 lbs Muntons Wheat (55/45) DME 16.2%
12 oz crystal 80 8.1%
6 oz chocolate malt 350L 4.1%
6 oz pale chocolate malt 200L 4.1%
4 oz Carapils 2.7%

.50 oz Galena 90 minutes
.25 oz Cascade 30 minutes
.25 oz Mount Hood 5 minutes

WLP002 English Ale


Update: Not cloned.  It’s too light and not enough hop character.  I think the chocolate malt needs to be adjusted.  Maybe 450 and 350 Lovibond instead of the 200.  I don’t really know what to do about the hops.  Perhaps the change to malt will help excentuate the hop character.


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